Literally translated, ‘Sthairya’means steadiness/firmness/settledness/stillness/stability/endurance/calmness/composedness. In other words, being rooted in one’s being. This is an important step before getting into spiritual practices. In a way, it is like preparing the human system to become receptive to the higher intelligence.Without attaining ‘Sthairya’, it is futile to commence any spiritual practice.

In fact, the aim of our ‘Navel Activation’ workshop is to attain ‘Sthairya’. Navel is the most powerful centre of our system. Just as the heart purifies blood, it is the navel that transmits negativity out of our system. It converts  the ‘dense energy’ (in the form of negative emotions/patterns) to ‘subtle (good) energy’.In modern times, we are too engaged with our minds (thinking) and this has led to disconnection from the navel.

When navel is activated, we start to operate less from ‘thinking’ and more from ‘intuition’. So, there is more clarity of perception and even an increased energy state (as energy otherwise gets dissipated on account of the constant thinking process). When we connect to the vibrations of the navel (which incidentally are of the highest quality), it is possible for us to correct the faulty (unusual) vibrations that exist in our bodies.

When ‘Sthairya’ is attained, there is a transition from ‘limited-ness’ to ‘unlimited-ness’.  For, when we connect to the navel, we connect to the entire universe, just as a child, who receives all that is needed for it’s well-being through the navel.

Activities Under Sthairya