Can pregnant ladies listen to these tracks?2020-03-23T15:01:58+05:30

Yes, but they should listen without headphones.

Is it OK to do other work while listening?2020-03-23T15:02:12+05:30

You can listen without headphones in the background as you carry out your work. DO NOT play while doing activities such as driving or operating heavy machinery.

How long is best to listen?2020-03-23T15:02:16+05:30

The time varies with the product but one should invest about 30 minutes each day when you start listening to these audios. Later you can reduce your time without cutting down on effects.

Can I listen to multiple topics in one day?2020-03-23T15:02:21+05:30

To get best output. limit yourself to 2-3 different tracks in a day with a time gap between them. Avoid using more tracks in one day. Still there is no harm in using more tracks.

Are the effects permanent?2020-03-23T15:02:26+05:30

For better results, you must listen to it regularly for 6 weeks. Missing 2-3 days won’t make a difference. But one should not stop completely.

Is there any age limit for using brainwave entrainment?2020-03-23T15:02:31+05:30

Children should not be exposed to binaural beats or isochoric tones. It is recommended above age group of 16.


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