“To create firm foundation on which society & family as whole can Prosper Conciously”

Rivesh Vade Academically an Engineering Post-graduate and Executive Management from IIT Bombay. He is the Founder of Wellness-Vibe & Creator of PowerBrain Music Tracks for Holistic Remedies and Sound Health.

A Master Trainer for Holistic Transformation and Founder of Bodh Marga Foundation (Yoga of Awareness), Rivesh propounds the Philosophy to be in “Synergy and Flow” with the Universe and live a life of Prosperity and Well-being”. He is also a certified music therapist from MET, Mumbai with Ayurveda as his major subject.

Although academically qualified as an Engineer, he decided to create his own path and follow his interest in the powers of sound and music, and create a platform which would be beneficial to mankind.

Being a sound and frequency therapist, Rivesh believes in the fact that, one can tune oneself to the perfect rhythm by opening our inner ear to the healing music and attuned vibrations.

He is a “NaadYogi” and Self Realized Master, who propounds the Philosophy for House Holders to be in “Synergy and Flow of the Universe and Live a Life of Prosperity and Wellbeing”.

Rivesh teaches how people can transform their struggle and pain into positive, meaningful action effortlessly and assists people to become empowered; free and successful. He speaks eloquently on quantum physics, and its idea that various possibilities can take form at any time, they are just waiting for a conscious intention. The power that drives that conscious intention is the strongest energy on the planet.
Rivesh uses his unique approach to Coaching Principles and his study in the field of Sound Healing, DNA & Epigenetic helps him understand how the environment from early childhood impacts the development of the person.

What made him to shift from Corporate Life to Mystical Life?
Rivesh’s answer: “Around four years back, I met with near death accident prior to that I was a person of insecurity, doubts and fears but automatically I went beyond my traumas and fears after this incident. Victory over fears helped me connecting to self. And whatever happening to this body was not bothering me to that extent now. I was enjoying my own company even with many injuries and I felt some inner shift happened. Now fears and patterns don’t have any control over me. And the same experience I don’t just shares but radiate into my workshops to bring the real change in people’s lives”.

He conducts Workshops & Retreats across the world on “DNA & Navel Activation” where he works on removing patterns, fears and stuck emotions using the correct sound frequencies. His workshops empower participants with methods and abilities to remove all road blocks and attain peace, prosperity and success.
After attending his specialized workshops, many people have seen a dramatic shift in their consciousness, career, finance, relationship, health and many other aspects of life.