Nada Yoga Experience

If you have experienced Physical aspect of Yoga, now it’s time to experience Vibrational aspect of Yoga

Many people generally start their yoga journey with exercise. Many have come across the situation that even after following the yoga schedule regularly, they are not able to achieve the desired success. In this situation actually they miss the vibrational part of yoga.

If you’re looking to achieve balanced emotional state and failed trying various yoga and meditation practices, maybe it’s time to explore Nada Yoga!

When you are on the path of Nada Yoga, healing takes place, mental balance is achieved, the performance of an individual raises to another level and Spiritual growth is obvious. Read More

Why Nada Yoga is so important?

Nada yoga is a “union through sound”.  It is based on the premise that the entire cosmos and everything in it made up of sound vibrations, or nadas.

“The deer is entrapped by sweet sound. 
The cobra is enchanted by sweet music. 
Raga Punnagavarrali charms the cobra. 
Nada entraps the mind. 
The mind gets Laya in sweet nada. 
Therefore you can easily control the mind 
through the practice of Nada Yoga” 
(Swami Sivananda)

Nada yoga uses concept of sound vibrations and the resonances to heal various psychosomatic and psychological conditions. It also helps increase one’s awareness and grow spiritually.

“One who wants to attaining perfection in Yoga, Nada has to be heard closely (meditated upon), having no thoughts and with a relax mind.” 
(Sankaracharya, Yoga-taravali)

There are methods in yoga where you do not have to suffer to liberate yourself from old influences or tensions, where you do not always have to confront your traumas, but can dissolve them. And of course it is all done by practicing nada Yoga.


‘Naad’ is the divine sound produced by our body. Working on this sound lead us to our soul. This divine sound connects our inner self to the universal self. One can experience the Infinite through the vibrational harmony created during the ‘Naad Yoga’ process.

Rivesh Vade has come up with a scientifically designed spiritual technique which is powerful when practised. This technique is practised by listening to various sound vibrations which affect the body, mind, and spirit through the movement of the tongue, the mouth, and changes in the chemicals in the brain.

Listening, is all powerful. According to ancient scriptures, listening, is the first of the senses to appear and the last one to disappear in the birth and death cycle. Listening is directly connected to our consciousness. A combination of singing, music, tone, rhythm, and listening is used in the Naad Yoga process, in order to awaken our consciousness and create the real peace within. By following the process of ‘Naad Yoga’, we can alter consciousness by changing the chemical composition of the fluids in the brain. A purification process, to bring about a radical change in one’s life or life situations.

How does it work?

Nada Yoga is the fastest way of Yoga through Sound.

Everything in the Universe, is made up of vibrations. Vibrations is nothing but sound, and sound has the most powerful effect on our senses and well-being. Take for example, when a bird sings a sweet melody, we feel happy and enjoy a sense of well-being. At the same time, a vehicle’s blaring horn disgusts us and we feel irritated thus evoking negativity. Working with the right combination of sound in our “Naad Yoga” process, we can not only help you maintain and create sense of well-being within yourself, but can also heal your body, mind, and spirit, which in turn can create a healing response in your immune system.


Post Workshop you can pass the following teachings to your students and your community.

  • Regulates the blood circulation through-out the body
  • Increases the vitality and immune system
  • Improves the overall functions of all internal organs and endocrine gland
  • Reduces Stress, Blood Pressure and Cholesterol
  • Relief from chronic ailments like Asthma, Diabetes, Migraine, Thyroid & Skin diseases
  • Protects from the risk of Coronary Heart Diseases
  • Accelerate spiritual growth
  • Feel content and secure
  • Remove addictions easily
  • Heal old emotional issues.
  • Removes illness to enable healthy living.
  • Re-programs your cellular memory to remove stagnancies
  • Restores original prosperity consciousness.
  • Unlocks your inner abundance receptors.
  • Helps overcome depression and other emotional issues.
  • Raises your manifesting vibrations.
  • Manifest personal success on all levels.
  • Improves health and relationships.
  • Helps in leading a successful life.
  • Enables you to live a struggle free life.
  • Enjoy a rewarding and abundant lifestyle.
  • Remove inherited and limiting beliefs, forever.
  • Remove blocks and struggles at cellular level.
  • Help you open yourself to more love from self and others.
  • Learn the Secret sound for Prosperity.


I have tried many treatments but my sugar level was not getting balanced. I attended 2 Days’ Rivesh Vade’s workshop. I learned that I was lacking cardio synchronicity. After I started working with Sound, My Diabetes is under control. Now I feel harmony at home
Wilfred Fernandis
Before attending workshop, I was suffering from chronic Back Pain and various other disorders. I attended Rivesh Vade’s workshop in Liverpool. Now I feel relaxed and peaceful. I understood the deeper science behind Sound. Rivesh sir also taught the impact between sound and human body.
Julie, UK
I have been into various healing modalities since many years. I came here to learn the divinity of sound I found this workshop very much interesting. This workshop is very different from other workshops. I feel very much grounded. This has helped me to work with chakras. I really blessed to meet Master Rivesh Vade and learn the divine secrets.
Amal, Therapist, UK
I have attend Rivesh Vade’s workshop. I found that energy within can be routed for balancing health and achieve success. Rivesh Vade has combined Science, Philosophy, and Sprituality to work minutely on our DNA patterns. Now I could use this knowledge and divine experience to benfit myself as well as society.
Dr Satish, Reiki Grand Master, Yoga Teacher, India

What will be taught during Nada Yoga Session?

Regular Learning Module

As the course is a combination of nada yoga and essential Yoga Asanas. This course includes.

  1. What is nada yoga and its types?
  2. How to integrate the practice of yoga with nada yoga?
  3. Theory of Sound
  4. Sound Therapy and Music therapy
  5. Yoga based Sanskrit mantra chanting
  6. Learn to chant spiritual Kirtans and Bhajans with harmony.
  7. Regular Ektari Bhajans
  8. Resonate your body’s frequency with the instruments sound
  9. Effect of sound or nada in your daily life
  10. Introduction to Yoga and its paths
  11. Yoga Philosophy by Patanjali
  12. Yoga Anatomy and Physiology
  13. Meditation
  14. Introduction to Ayurveda – Kapha, Vata, Pitta, etc.

What will you learn ?

  • Learn to practice meditation with sound therapy
  • Learn to bring peace, love and harmony in daily life
  • Learn to remove unwanted thoughts and emotions (like anxiety, depression and stress)
  • Learn to tune your own voice with healing frequency
  • Learn to convert Stress to Peace; Hate to Love; Guilt to Forgive
  • Learn to overcome illness with Nada Yoga
  • Learn to balance cardio synchronicity of human body
  • Learn to maintain hormonal balance of human body
  • Learn techniques to inculcate positive vibe within and keep it maintained throughout the day
  • Learn to chant spiritual mantras for activating vital energy centre with us
  • Learn to be more proactive than reactive
  • Learn to build strong aura that uplifts your self-worth and confidence
  • Learn to expand your horizons and overcome limiting beliefs and negative thinking patterns
  • Learn Sure way to overcome Fear.

Special Attraction: You will Experience Highly Vibrant Bhakti Yoga through Meditative Bhajan.