The Pioneers of Sound Healing and Sound Therapy in India.

At Wellness Vibe, we believe that the powers of music and sound when used, therapeutically, help us come out of many illnesses and conflicts. Rivesh Vade, a “NaadYogi” and Self Realized Master, propounds the Philosophy to be in “Synergy and Flow” with the Universe. He has developed a very powerful technology called ‘power brain’, which enables any one practising it to live a life of prosperity and well-being.   This therapy is a combination of modern cut-edge technology like brain wave subliminal messages, along with the ancient natural healing methods.

These are the sciences that work in the background of our therapies. These therapies are all powerful and give the essence and power required to help lead a prosperous and enriched life.  We make this science available to you, in the form of therapies that are well proven and validated by scientists. This will ultimately help you lead an enriched life with inner peace of mind.

Join “the ultimate state of blissful living” with Wellness Vibe.