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  • Importance of Sound Healing by Rivesh Vade of Wellness Vibe, Mumbai, India

About Rivesh Vade

Rivesh Vade Academically an Engineering Post-graduate and Executive Management from IIT Bombay. He is the Founder of Wellness-Vibe & Creator of PowerBrain Music Tracks for Holistic Remedies and Sound Health.

A Master Trainer for Holistic Transformation and Founder of Bodh Marga Foundation (Yoga of Awareness), Rivesh propounds the Philosophy to be in “Synergy and Flow” with the Universe and live a life of Prosperity and Well-being”. He is also a certified music therapist from MET, Mumbai with Ayurveda as his major subject.

He has been imparting his learning of Sound Therapy and Sound Healing in India and around the World.

Our Motto is To Spread the Benefits of Sound Therapy & Sound Healing in India

Shree Rivesh Vade, founder of Wellness Vibe Center of Sound Healing, Mumbai

Although academically qualified as an Engineer, he decided to create his own path and follow his interest in the powers of sound and music, and create a platform which would be beneficial to mankind.

Being a sound and frequency therapist, Rivesh believes in the fact that, one can tune oneself to the perfect rhythm by opening our inner ear to the healing music and attuned vibrations.

Our Workshops

Navel Activation Workshop 

Bangalore – 16 Feb, The Pride, M G Road

Mumbai   – 29 Feb-1 Mar, The Club, Andheri

Delhi  – 1 – 2 Feb , Zorba The Buddha

Sound Therapy By Rivesh Vade

Mumbai   – 21-22 Mar, The Club, Andheri

Delhi  – 4-5 Apr , Zorba The Buddha

Bangalore – Coming Soon

The Success Code with Sound Therapy

A Prosperity Workshop

Mumbai   – 15th Mar, The Club(5Star)


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My finances improved .


My BP & Diabetes are under control now


My Diabetes is under control & Feel harmony at home

Wilfred Fernandis

Fear vanished and score improved


My health, relationship and finance got better

Dr. Chowdary, Dean, Medical College

My Chronic Back Pain disappeared

Julie, UK

I feel very much grounded. Helped me work with chakra.

Amal, Therapist, UK

Learn the secret science behind singing bowls. I have the better understanding about cleansing and chakras.

Angela, Therapist, UK

Got to learn more about how to work on sensitivity with the help of sound.

Ralph Alexender, UK

The singing bowl therapy is very powerful. I recommend this course.

Hara Willow, Sound Therapist, UK

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