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Since the last decade, this 
transformed 1,00,000 lives! 


A ‘Root Level” Cleansing Workshop.

DNA activation through sound. A Prosperity Workshop

(A program based on the thesis of Russian scientist Fosar and Bludorf which states that DNA can be influenced and programmed by frequencies.)


Why do people struggle around health, wealth & relationships? Simple. Disease, Poverty, Failure and Lack have their own frequencies and most people struggle in these areas of life, because they are tuned to adverse frequencies. “Frequencies” are nothing but sound. Frequencies can be changed using sound therapy. If we expose ourselves to certain frequencies the chances are, they can be replaced. This is called Theory of Resonance

The “DNA Activation” workshop will help you change your frequency from scarcity to prosperity, illness to wellness & effort to effortless. This workshop will help you free yourself from the negative frequencies of issues, attitudes, and beliefs you carry about MONEY, SUCCESS, LOVE and RELATIONSHIPS from the DNA and cellular level.

We behave exactly like our ancestors. Its science, which says, that we inherit certain frequencies, emotions, patterns and behaviour from our ancestors.

Why do I struggle so much in life? Why me? These are questions, many people ask when they come across struggle. The answer is simple. People want good things to happen in their lives, but they go about bringing the change, in the wrong way. Many people work on their thoughts, not on their frequencies. They fail to understand that the change has to occur at a frequency level, i.e. on DNA level. If your DNA is tuned have fear, your DNA will respond to fear. If your DNA responds to success, then you will have success. Our DNA responds to everything from sound to music to the climate, everything. DNA plays a very important role in our life, just like success, failure, relationship, conflicts, over-all growth or stagnation does.
DNA responds to frequencies that resonates. People have seen tremendous change in their lives after attending the DNA activation program.  The combination of sound in various forms, like, music, mantras and words (we could also write here – music, mantras and margadarshan (guidance), creating the right frequencies, has enabled tremendous change in people’s lives.  For instance jobless people are seeking jobs, people who were not able to conceive, have now conceived, people have experienced success in business and health.

❗️ ️ Are You tired of Living a Life engulfed in Fear, Anger, Stress, Guilt & Frustration?

❗️ Are You getting forcefully swept away with every little situation or problem that life throws in the way of your Success or Happiness?

❗️ Tired of not being in control of your Body, Mind and Energy?

❗️ Struggling to Sustain your Job, Income, Success, Savings, Business, even Relationships?


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The International Human Genome Project did extensive research over a 14 year period (1989-2003) to identify all the genes of the human genome. The Project decoded approximately 2% of our total physical DNA. The remaining 98% was determined to have no biological purpose and had been labeled “junk DNA”.

However, two separate research teams (US Team led by Professor Eugene Stanley and Russian Team lead by Dr. Peter Gariaev) later discovered that the junk DNA was not junk at all.

It is in itself a biological language and it responds to frequencies. Activating our “junk DNA” opens up the memories stored in our cells, creating balance and harmony on a deep level – your DNA level. It releases karma and increases our vibrations, which helps us become in-tune with who we really are.

PRINCIPLE: Everything is energy and we all are vibrating at various frequency patterns. Research has shown that when we are deprived of certain frequencies we can become sick. One of the most fascinating scientific facts to emerge recently is that, sound behaves in a similar fashion as light.

A sure way to remove Fear & Stress with Siddha as well as Scientific Awakening through Navel!

Navel Awakening is your Pathway towards Abundance, Inner Peace & Prosperity.

It will help you change your Frequency from
– Scarcity to Prosperity
– Illness to Wellness
– Effort to Effortlessness

Before you EXIT this page, we would like to invite you to the MOST Powerful & Life-Impacting Introduction Webinar on Navel Awakening!

DID you KNOW MOST OF YOUR success & failure depends on the Energies stuck inside your NAVEL???

The Sustained Success comes in your Life when your Head – Heart & Hara comes in Alignment!


It is considered that the core of our system is Navel.

The Navel is the primary source of the hidden power and our connection with the Universe.

All the 72,000 Nadis (Energy Circuits) merge in the Navel.

Our Life starts & ends from the Navel!

And as per the modern science, It is also responsible for the 90% secretion of happy hormone serotonin, 50% secretion of dopamine, the joy hormone in our body.

And most importantly, it is a source of 1/3rd blood circulation in our body.

One of our biggest enemies is FEAR. There is a great connection between the Navel and Fear.

Fear is an emotion which evokes negative vibes in a person thus limiting oneself to reach one’s potential.

With ‘Navel Awakening’ one can get rid of negative vibes and fear. If people are facing challenges, it is because of the fear. Fear is the biggest enemy of human kind.

Navel anchors oneself and can shake off disturbances of the body and mind and alternately release oneself from the negative ego and return to the deeper power of the “original being”, where the MIND is SILENT, the Heart is Awakened in LOVE; and one accomplishes his work Naturally Without Effort.

If you’re looking for empowerment, energy and increased will power, activate your Navel Centre.

It will allow you to live with the instincts of abundance, personal empowerment and positive self-esteem to enable you to reach your true potential.


Let us tell you the ULTIMATE SECRET!

If you deeply introspect you will find various patterns repeating over and over again,
irrespective of how hard you try, possibly in regard to your – Health, Success & Failure, Career,
Relationships, Finances, Happiness etc. not allowing you to operate at your highest potential!

Activating our Navel to the highest frequency means that we are using higher and higher percentages of our Universal Power.

Since the last thousands of years, our Yogic & Vedic Scriptures have been telling us that our NAVEL
is the primary source of our Spiritual Awakening!

Rather than being a victim of circumstance, or having a DNA expression that is the result of living in an environment based on a paradigm of fear, we have the potential to stand outside the box and express our DNA to its highest potential with the NAVEL!

Miracles happen in your Life when What you THINK, What you FEEL & What you DO comes in a ORDER!

And this is what happens in the Navel Awakening!

Your Life is NO more the same  after your Navel becomes Active.

Navel allows you to become FREE from all the FEAR, WORRY, INSECURITY & DOUBT from your LIFE.

Not just that but this is just the Beginning of your Spiritual Growth,
Financial ProsperityHarmony in Relationships & Well-Being in Health!

YOU can Create FREEDOM in your Life 
Just by Connecting with the Universal Power of your NAVEL!

Enter the World of Spiritual Possibilities with “NAVEL AWAKENING WEBINAR”


Our DNA reacts to its resonant frequency. Not surprisingly, because sound is also a vibration, we naturally respond to its frequency and resonance. This becomes clearer when we consider that our body is at least 70 per cent water –a medium that is able to resonate sound vibration and thus influence the cellular make-up of our entire body. Sound vibration has the ability to bypass the ‘how to’ of our rational thinking mind and clear, energetic pathways within our body without us even knowing it. This allows us to access positive thoughts, emotions and ways of being in the world with more ease. It’s a 3 Step Program…

Release: To receive prosperity frequencies, you first need to remove a lot of non-beneficial frequencies. Non-beneficial frequencies BLOCK prosperity.

Resonance Frequency Adjustment: By producing the resonant SOUND, the frequencies are raised to higher beneficial patterns, inducing required benefits.

Retain: Techniques to retain the higher frequencies in daily life to enjoy consistent success.

Alignment of Head – Heart – Hara –

Alignment of Three MahaMarmas as per Siddha Ayurveda –

Alignment of Three Granthi’s as per Siddha Yoga & Nada Yoga –

Program Highlights- inclusion aura created, when the person comes in contact with the master

  • activate abundance DNA with Sound
  • remove inherited and limiting beliefs, forever
  • remove blocks and  struggles at cellular level
  • help you open yourself to more love from self and others
  • direct your Sex energy to activate prosperity center
  • learn the SECRET sound for Prosperity
  • ……..and so much more!

Benefits of Prosperity DNA Activation

  • Clears old programming concerning money
  • Release blocks that stop money flow
  • Heal old emotional issues
  • Removes illness to enable healthy living
  • Re-programs your cellular memory to remove stagnancies
  • Restores original prosperity consciousness
  • Unlocks your inner abundance receptors
  • Helps overcome depression and other emotional issues
  • Restores your ability to attract wealth
  • Increases your in-flow as a money magnet
  • Raises your manifesting vibrations
  • Manifest personal success on all levels
  • Improves health and relationships
  • Helps in leading a successful life
  • Enables you to live a struggle free life
  • Enjoy a rewarding and abundant lifestyle

Enroll now and create MIRACLES in your LIFE!!

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Wellness Vibe’s Flagship Workshop – serving our community since 2012


The three centres of our body are navel, heart and brain, where navel is the most important centre. It is linked to the third chakra and the element of fire and symbolises purification of all obstacles.  It is here that our emotions are stored. Till now, it was assumed that when a child is born and its umbilical cord cut, the importance of the navel ends there. That’s not true.  We are also connected by our navel to our surroundings and our relationships. Our navel center gathers and consolidates energy from these factors, which in turn serves as fuel for transformation. If navel is absolutely fine, we discover positivity within us, as well as in our surroundings. If our navel is upset, we are surrounded with negativity and are always depressed.

One of our biggest enemies is fear. There is a great connection between the navel and fear. Fear is an emotion which evokes negative vibes in a person thus limiting him to reach his potential. With ‘Navel Activation’ one can get rid of negative vibes and fear. If people are facing challenges, it is because of the fear. Fear is the biggest enemy of human kind.

How will this workshop benefit me?

Participating in our Navel Activation workshop, will help create a balance in your Navel Chakra allowing you to deal with negative emotions more effectively and increase sense of self-worth. The person who activates his Navel Chakra is not likely to lose his balance, equanimity or serenity. He learns to anchor himself and can shake off disturbances of the body and mind and alternately release himself from the negative ego and return to the deeper power of the “original being”, where the will is silent, the heart is quiet; and one accomplishes his work naturally without effort.

If you’re looking for empowerment, energy and increased willpower, activate your Navel Centre. It will allow you to live with the instincts of personal empowerment and positive self-esteem to enable you to reach your true potential.

Benefits of doing a Navel Activation Workshop

Depending on the body constitution, the benefits, are many, and may arise directly or indirectly. The benefits might vary from person to person.

  • Reduction in fear and increase in self-worth
  • Removes anxiety and depression
  • Help channelize  negative emotions into positive ones
  • Help develop a better understanding and acceptance of self
  • Builds personal empowerment – shift from victim role to proactive authority role
  • Enable a better connection with self and self-potential
  • Correction of various disorders and conditions
  • Improved posture and functioning; a more upright, lighter-feeling body
  • Prevention of injury and illness, even life threatening Illness like Cancer
  • Relief of pain (Knee Pain, Headache, Backache and any Body Pain)
  • Reversal of aging symptoms; increased health longevity, increased sexual pleasure
  • Develops body wisdom and greater sensory awareness
  • Expanded capacity for work and creativity; actualization of potential
  • Gradual awakening, enlivened consciousness, and embodied spiritual life
  • Replacement of old negative habits with positive patterns – (smoking, craving and nail biting.)

Create miracles in your life! Enrol now.

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