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This Relationship & Harmony track will help you to create harmony in your life on every level; within yourself and with your relationships with others. By targeting the emotional mind this track will allow you to reinforce a more positive way in thinking which will flow across your everyday life more easily and without having to consistently challenge yourself to do so.

Help you to reconnect with the part of your being that is nurturing and loving. Happiness is letting go of negative thought patterns such as fear, anger, jealousy, tension, blame, guilt, sorrow, irritation and opening up to more peace, love and harmony in a relationship. Learning to listen more closely to your inner wisdom through this Relationship & Harmony track

In a world full of challenges and conflicts, a happy family can be our best hope for living a joyous and productive life. Listening will promote the tolerance, patience and kindness that can help make your home a blessed haven of peace.

With persistent use of this This Relationship & Harmony TRACK it will become natural for you to love yourself more and to embrace and create more meaningful relationships with the people in your life. It will also help you to accept other people more and to not judge them, and more importantly, to not constantly judge yourself when you know that you are doing best.

This program is particularly useful for:

  • Promoting better relationships with others
  • Promoting a better relationship within yourself
  • Balancing negative thoughts
  • Enhancing your self-esteem & self-worth
  • Moving forward after break ups
  • You focus on challenging relationships and ongoing issues while providing you focus on challenging relationships and ongoing issues
  • More you tune to this frequency more your relationship with others gets better and better
  • It generates peace within yourself which reflects in your relationship
  • These sound frequencies help in maintaining healthy relationship among peers
  • It balances and nurtures, love and compassion
  • It resolves interpersonal conflict

HOW TO RUN YOUR Sound Track in – Android or iOS (phone or tablet)

Step 1) After your purchase you get the Download of the App Manual. Please go through the App Manual to understand the process for the Activation of the Tracks in your Account and the Benefits of the App.

Step 2) Download the Wellness Vibe : Pocket Sound Therapy & Guided Meditation App from Google Playstore or Apple Appstore as per your Device

Download on Android

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Step 3) Process for Track Activation –

  • Download the App.
  • Create your Profile inside the App from the Accounts Section.
  • After Sign-Up, please Login inside the App with the credentials that you have used while creating the Account.
  • Please Mail us or Call us with your Soundtrack Purchase on or or call us on +918080808455 (Mon-Sat, 10AM – 6PM IST ONLY)
  • Your Purchased tracks will be activated within 48 hours inside your Android or iOS Device in your Wellness Vibe App.
  • You will be able to stream the track online or offline in your App.

Important Notes & FAQs –

  • The App requires High-Speed Internet Connectivity. Please see to it that you have good Internet Connectivity.
  • Please see to it that your Device is compatible with the Wellness Vibe App.
  • During the Sign-Up process, you may come across the buffering / loading up screen. Irrespective of that, your account will be created. Wait for a couple of seconds and use your Credentials to Login inside the App.
  • After the track Activation inside your account, you can choose to stream it online or offline.
  • The App has high security authentication for email (thanks to Google). So it will give you bad formatting error when you copy-paste email, make any blank character spacing mistake or keyword mistake.
  • For streaming it Offline, please select the Download Button and after the download, please select the Play Downloaded Source option so that the App will stream the Offline Version of the track.

(Note: You will receive the activation of the track within 48 hours in your Android or iOS Device in your Wellness Vibe App once you complete the purchase of soundtrack)

For support email us on or or call us on +918080808455 (Mon-Sat, 10AM – 6PM IST ONLY)


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