Vastu Nada Shuddhi Frequency Track

How Vastu Nada Shuddhi Frequency Help in Creating Prosperous Vastu?

Any vastu is majorly influenced by people who stayed there previously and the present residents. We at wellnessvibe, over a decade have worked on stuck DNA of an individual. Rivesh Vade, founder of Wellness Vibe have identified that Vastu as one of the prime reason for emotional disturbances. If there are bad memories are associated with vastu, then it remains there in form or stuck energies.

We need to seek blessings from vastu by developing positive memories.
Vastu Nada Shuddhi Frequency help is replacing stuck memories from Vastu.

It helps neutralize any negative effects of Vastu. It protects from disturbing negative energies in the environment. It assists us in creating harmony with nature rather than working against the forces of nature.

It helps in achieving prosperity, mental peace, happiness and harmony in place of our home and work by making a balance between all five elements-earth, water, air, fire and space.

What is the difference between Vastu Yantras and Vastu Nada Shuddhi Frequency Track?

Vastu Yantras are the sacred geometry which aims to create positive vibration in house or office. Higher frequencies of energy and awareness are transmitted through sacred geometry.
Vastu Nada Shuddhi Frequency is the advance technology that helps you and your vastu resonate at higher frequencies. It increases the flow of positive energy and eliminates negative and evil energy.

It help you protects the home from natural and unnatural calamities.

This technology help in eliminating Depression from Room; Overcomes Stress & Illness coming from Vastu effect.

What if place is not Vastu Compliant?

We believe that every vastu is prosperous. We just need to understand how vastu reciprocate with you at energy level.  We need to check the sound (Nada) of vastu. Never ever blame or curse vastu. It creates negative memories. Vastu will accordingly respond to you.

There are many people visiting home or office. They also carry memories that impacts vastu energies. There are irregular sound or harsh sound played in house or office which disturbs the emotions of the people operating in that place.

Vastu Nada Shuddhi Frequency eliminates the unwanted connections associated with your vastu. Irrespective of any vastu conditions, it boosts the energy level and improves the sound (Nada) of your Vastu. It rectifies the flow of positive energy inside the household or business place and energizes the different vastu corners of the property.

This results in dramatic shift in the results/performance or people operating in that place. It powerfully rejuvenates body aura and facilitates deep meditation. It also keeps planetary frequencies in order.

PowerBrain Frequency Tracks

How this Morning Sun Meditation can help you:

  • Sun has a great effect on stamina, fitness and muscular development
  • It reduces risk of several health conditions
  • Helps you grow spiritually faster
  • Detoxify your body and relieve stress
  • Helps you connect to your own self
  • Rejuvenate and revitalize your body with positive energy
  • Helps you enhance productivity throughout the day

How this Chakra Tuning can help you:

  • Positive shift in energy patterns
  • Dissolve negative energy in chakras
  • Clear out emotional blocks quickly
  • Relaxation of Mind & Body
  • Increase in Immunity of body & healing of various illness
  • Keeps you grounded and Sharpens your creativity
  • Increases will power and self esteem
  • Helps you refines communication skills and maintain cordial relationship
  • This boosts overall personality and career growth


How this Earth Frequency can help you:

  • Earth has a frequency which balances and brings brain to harmonious state
  • Earth Frequency will remove all fear from our body
  • It adjusts body metabolism levels
  • Keeps you balance and rooted
  • This CD is for people who have lost connection with earth by over thinking.
  • It cleanse your body and helps you remove stuck emotions


How this Relationship & Harmony Frequency can help you:

  • Helps focus on challenging relationships and ongoing issues while providing you focus on challenging relationships and ongoing issues
  • More you tune to this frequency more your relationship with others gets better and better
  • It generates peace within yourself which reflects in your relationship
  • These sound frequencies help in maintaining healthy relationship among peers
  • It balances and nurtures, love and compassion
  • It resolves interpersonal conflict


How this Concentration & Learning frequency can help you:

  • Clear all unwanted blockages, stuck emotions and helps your brain tune towards super grasping power & focus on your own progress
  • Builds creativity and develop/boost your skills
  • Musicians, artists and writers, students, media& filmmaker use it to reach creativity zone and capitalize creative abilities easily


How this Personal Growth Frequency can help you:

  • Allows and maintain healthy energy flow in the body
  • Produces frequency of positivity of being your own true self
  • Calms your nervous system
  • Reduce tension and focus on positive thoughts and feeling
  • Increases concentration, alertness
  • Recall large amount of information quickly and efficiently
  • Remove emotional stress

How this Well-Being Frequency can help you:

  • Helps to heal our body by producing frequency through which it purifies all negative frequencies which are stuck in the form of dense frequencies and health conditions
  • Reduce rapid heartbeat, depression, sleeplessness, knee pain, joint pain, arthritis, diabetes
  • Heal general behaviours related to stress and anxiety
  • Helps you to come out of depression and live life with energy and well-being
  • Soothing music frequencies gives you mental peace


How this Prosperity & Success can help you:

  • Directly simulates the brain with advanced sound frequency technology
  • It alters your conscious and subconscious mindset
  • Scope of vision improves which indirectly helps you to grow in your business or job
  • Positive attracting money mindset with desire to achieve success
  • Tunes you to positive money making opportunity
  • Helps unlock the power of positive thinking
  • Attracts success and wealth


How this Business Intuition & Growth Frequency can help you:

  • This increases creativity in marketing and sales profession
  • This frequency develops weak areas of performance
  • Improve communication with the customer
  • Develops new abilities and overcome blocks and convert into pattern of increasing sales
  • Help attain hemispheric synchronization
  • Reach powerful new mental states
  • Make you energize to help increase productivity
  • Maintain positive mood state
  • Give confidence to create a win-win situation


How this Weight Loss Frequency can help you:

  • Removes guilt, low esteem and anxiety related to weight gain
  • It balances your hormone and clear all negative frequencies
  • Balance your hormones and clears all negative frequencies
  • Decrease chance of developing weight-related medical conditions such as diabetes, arthritis. High blood pressure.
  • At work, you will find increase in energy, flexibility and stamina
  • Boost immune system, intestine, digestion system


How this Sleep Music Frequency can help you:

  • This track works on hyperactivity putting you into great relaxation
  • Soothing music and relevant frequency will allow nervous system to calm down
  • Sound sleep will transform from immunity and will keep you fresh and healthy
  • Stimulates brain cells to keep you tune towards relaxation
  • Reduce chances of illness borne due to lack of sleep
  • Relax mind will help you maintain positive state of mind


How this Moon Frequency Frequency can help you:

  • Moon frequency works on mind and makes you strong mentally
  • Eliminate Depression
  • Maintains Emotional Balance
  • Improves memory to greater extent
  • Makes you feel emotionally nurtured, secure and satisfied
  • Helps you attain deeper relaxation required for thoughtless meditation


About the Creator of PowerBrain Music Tracks for Holistic Remedies and Sound Health:

  • Rivesh Vade is highly acclaimed master for Nada Yoga & Spandashastra (Vibration Science)
  • Founder of Wellness Vibe
  • Engineering Post-graduate and Executive Management from IIT Bombay
  • Master Trainer for Holistic Transformation
  • He is also a certified music therapist from Mumbai with Ayurveda as his major subject.
  • He conducts Workshops & Retreats across the world where he works on removing patterns, fears and stuck emotions using the correct sound frequencies.
  • His workshops empower participants with methods and abilities to remove all road blocks and attain peace, prosperity and success.
  • Rivesh is a tireless researcher & very successful energy & spiritual coach, who have devoted the last two decades of his life to the quest of being on the cutting-edge of the science & spirituality on wealth, relationship, health, fitness, and energy enhancement.
  • For the last 8 years, he’s been studying the impact of sound & frequency on behaviour, DNA patterns & awakening.

HOW TO RUN YOUR Sound Track in – Android or iOS (phone or tablet)

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Step 3) Process for Track Activation –

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Important Notes & FAQs –

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  • For streaming it Offline, please select the Download Button and after the download, please select the Play Downloaded Source option so that the App will stream the Offline Version of the track.

(Note: You will receive the activation of the track within 48 hours in your Android or iOS Device in your Wellness Vibe App once you complete the purchase of soundtrack)

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