The Success Code


Workshop Based on Sound, Epigenetic and Vedic Science

Secret to Live in Health, Create Wealth & Remove Fear

  • Want to Get Rid of Your Financial Worries?

  • Want to Enjoy Better Relationship?

  • Want to Experience Sound Health?

  • Want to Know the Secret of Success?

If YES, then –

Now Experience the Change with THE SUCCESS CODE workshop

 Since Decade, This secret code has changed many lives.

  • Do you know Fear patterns from Ancestors are stored in your DNA memories?

  • Do you know DNA carry bad memories from generations to generations?

  • Do you know DNA pattern is responsible for Financial Instability?

  • Have you ever thought why are you struggling even after being talented?

  • Have you ever wondered why some people get into conflicts very quickly?

  • Do you know some diseases are caused due to hereditary pattern stored in your DNA like Diabetes, etc?

It’s time to go Beyond the Mind Power

It’s time to Experience the Sound, Vibration & Geometry.

Boost your Growth with Practical application of Epigenetic:

  • Sound Frequency Theory works on Theory of Resonance which improves your success rate.

  • It operates at DNA level to Re-Tune Negative Patterns. DNA has power to Change Biology of Success. It helps in money inflow by reducing struggling phase.

  • It has a strong base of SpandaShastra (Ancient Indian Science) which clarifies that we are linked with the vibrations in many aspects. Vibrations are necessary for regulating our mood and health.

  • It helps you activate your DNA and live a purposeful life.

  • Fastest way to surely remove FEAR and Achieve Sustained Success.

Benefits of Workshop

  • Re-Tuning DNA for Removing Money blocks. Remove stuck money patterns.
  • DNA reprogramming for transformation from Illness to Wellness
  • DNA for changing sleep patterns.
  • Remove Fear and Phobias with DNA Reprogramming.
  • Helps overcome Depression, Anxiety and other emotional issues.
  • Brainwave Meditation for Rewiring of Neural Pathways.
  • DNA program for Improving Relationship.
  • Understanding & Inner-knowing of Universal Law.
  • DNA Detoxification with Sound.
  • Gratitude Session for DNA empowerment.
  • Ektara Chanting Session for Emotional Stability. Heal old emotional issues.
  • Sacred Dance for Melting Stress.
  • Helps in leading a successful life.
  • Enables you to live a struggle free life.
  • Enjoy a rewarding and abundant lifestyle.
  • 10 Years of Experience  (Earlier known as “Samruddhi DNA Activation Workshop”)

  • 90% Success Rate

  • 10000+ Attendees till date

  • Awarded By Times Group
  • 100+ Successful Workshops in India, UK, Thailand
  • Benefiting Existing Trainers

  • Inspiration for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

  • Stepping Stone for Promotions in professional life.

About Rivesh Vade

  • Award winner Speaker. Eloquent spiritual orator and highly attuned to sound and frequencies.
  • Has transformed life of many CEOs, Film Stars, Film Directors, so on and so forth.
  • Started Vibrational Therapy 10 Years Ago. Has worked on various Health Issues, Relationship issues and financial issues.
  • His voice is tuned to positive frequencies which are now being used for chanting sonic mantras.
  • Presented Sound and Ayurveda in International Ayurveda Congress in London.
  • An IITan and Founder of Wellness Vibe & BodhMarga Foundation.
  • Creator of PowerBrain Frequency Tracks based on Brainwave Technology.

Note: Lunch, Tea will be provided