This is the stage of being in ‘swa-nand’ i.e. joy emanating out of one’s own self (personification of joyousness). It can also be termed as ‘Brahmanna’ stage, which means a person of sattva gunas (attributes). (This is not to be mistaken with the caste category of Brahmin). In this state, one just flows with life without any struggle.

The ultimate longing of life is evolution/flowering. The greatest paradox is that when such a longing arises in an individual (out of his receptivity or with the grace of a guru etc), all that is needed is miraculously made available to him and in abundant measure. It’s as if creation is proving a point here, goading us ‘to tune in’. This is the state of ‘Sahajta’ (ease)and effortless living.

To conclude, abundance is a choice available to us. When one vibrates at such a frequency of abundance, the whole universe arranges itself conducively around us.“Rukh jao, tham jao, seva mein lag jao” and just witness life flowing within and around you in all its abundance.