Bhakti is a state of ‘Snehanubhuti’, where we not only realize and experience ‘bhav’ (spiritual feeling/God/love), but we actually become love. The emptiness that one experiences in life is because of ‘a-bhav’ and can be filled only with ‘bhav’. However, to get to the stage of ‘bhav’, the navel needs to be activated. When we are not rooted in the navel, we are vary of expressing ‘bhav’ for fear of being taken advantage of or ridiculed or some such other reason. It is a very rare possibility for one to get to the navel through bhakti.

Bhakti is a state of being. According to all bhakti traditions of the world and even as per the Bodhmarga philosophy, love can never be directed towards any perishable/impermanent object, whether it is a human being or any other animate/inanimate object. In other words, love can only be towards ‘Ishwar’ (imperishable) and not towards  ‘Nashwar’ (perishable). Read More