Well-Being Track

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Beautiful serene music with silent audio technologies to induce deep relaxation, enhanced creativity and concentration.

Well-Being track is effective at helping you eliminate stress, anxiety and depression, as well as their related symptoms. It assists in rapidly calming and centering the mind and body. Listening can assist in achieving deep meditation easily and enjoyably.

Play in any environment in order to create a soothing, healing and deeply relaxing atmosphere.

Well-Being is the most natural thing in the world. It’s what your body-mind wants all the time. When you take time out to relax and become still, your life becomes balanced and your health returns. You feel complete again, whole. This selection of Well-Being track will soothe your nervous system, wash away stress and bring about a sense of inner harmony that leads to a total Well-Being and balance on every level – body, mind and soul

This well-being TRACK has the ability to:

  • Helps to heal our body by producing frequency through which it purifies all negative frequencies which are stuck in the form of dense frequencies and health conditions
  • Reduce rapid heartbeat, depression, sleeplessness, knee pain, joint pain, arthritis, diabetes
  • Heal general behaviours related to stress and anxiety
  • Helps you to come out of depression and live life with energy and well-being
  • Soothing music frequencies gives you mental peace


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