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Explore Holistic Sound Technology to heal yourself and to enhance your Vibrations.

The App is based on Sound, Epigenetic and Vedic Science Secret to Live a Life of Abundance, Well-Being & Harmony. Since decade, this secret code of Frequencies & Vibrations has changed more than 10,00,000 lives.

We have various Sound Tracks pertaining to different Areas of our Life such as Health, Finances, Business, Career, Emotions, Vastu & even for our Nature!
Features of the Pocket Sound Therapy -
• Effortless Meditation
People new to meditation sometimes find it difficult to concentrate. Isochronic tone takes you to attain deeper state of meditation.
• Powerful Relaxation
It is popularly being used for Relaxation. Helps you attain deeper relaxation required for thoughtless meditation.
• Stress Relief
Hyperactivity during stress and anxiety reduces and brings you back to low beta activities and make you feel relax.
• Boosts Confidence
Makes you feel emotionally nurtured, secured and satisfied. Allows and maintain healthy energy flow in the body.
• Deep Sleep
Works on hyperactivity putting you into great relaxation. Relax mind will help you maintain positive state of mind.
• Improves Immunity
Overcome Illness and live life with energy and well-being. Heal our body by producing Positive frequencies.
• Energy Enhancement
Without caffeine and energy drink just by listening to Isochronic tones one can increase alertness.
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