4 Weeks Sound Therapy 
Certificate Workshop
Based on Ayurveda, Ancient Yogic Wisdom & Guided By Siddha Master 
In Person: 13th-14th April 2024, 9AM-6PM, Delhi
Zoom Live: 3 Weeks, Every Thursday, 8PM - 9PM (1 Hour)
Get Ready For The Most AWAITED Workshop!!
Discover Sound Healing: An Emerging Treatment For Body And Mind 
Find What You'll Learn
1. Explore diverse Sound Healing methods for targeted ailment treatments.
2. Discover the synergy between Ayurveda and Sound Therapy.
3. Learn the integral role of sound in Ayurvedic practices.
4. Witness live demonstrations of sound-based detoxification techniques.
5. Harness sound for holistic health: mental, physical, and spiritual.
6. Master using your voice for self-assessment and client healing.
7. Tap into the healing potential of your voice.
8. Learn to balance your life with singing bowls and gongs.
9. Attain the power to heal diseases for ailments including Insomnia, Depression, Anxiety, Fear, Insecurity, Arthritis, Backache, Joint pains, Digestive issues, Sinus, Migraines and many more
Workshop Begins
In Just
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Know  About Vibhushri
Vibhushri propounding the philosophy of ‘Synergy and Flow’ with the universe, his unique workshops on DNA and Navel Activation, Spiritual Discourses on Gita & Dnyaneshwari, and Yogic Practices derived from them have positively transformed many lives. He has been awarded by the Times Group for his exceptional work in Music and Sound Therapy.
Empowered by Nada Yoga and immersed in devotion, Vibhushri has carved his path to the Inner Self and continues to help people in their spiritual well-being. Vibhushri has helped many people recuperate from their physical, mental, and emotional turmoil by harnessing the power of Sound Therapy. 

Academically Rivesh is an Engineering graduate and has completed Executive Management from IIT Bombay. He has worked with corporates in senior positions in his career. After a near-death accident, he initiated his mystical journey and thus founded Wellness Vibe & BodhMarga Foundation for conducting workshops and retreats around the world to awaken people in their spiritual journey. He is the creator of ‘PowerBrain music tracks, exclusively designed for holistic healing.
We love our Participants and they love us!
Pramod bafna
CEO, Fashion Designer
Felt bodiless. Deep breathing was going on as if it was endless. Felt vibrations throughout the body and completely relaxed. There is 360 shift in life with peace and completeness. Life after Sound Transformation are miraculous. You must experience the sound sessions for overall health.
Dr. Devyani
Medical Professional, Writer
Started looking at myself as I am meeting myself after ages! The experience is too amazing....it has calmed me from within, chattering of mind has reduced drastically. I do not react spontaneously to things comments /behavior because of which the environment is less stressful at home.
Rachana Rajguru
IT Professional
Divine experience! A heavenly journey when Vibhushri himself played Singing bowls for us. Though it was just for 9 mins but didn't understand how time passed by. Felt very relaxed n light. On the first day I had a cleansing experience. Got my stomach totally cleaned as if all the negativity was washed out of my body, mind and soul.
How Sound Therapy
will benefit you?
Swastha ( स्वास्थः )
Get Established in Self
Well Being & Harmony
Break-free from Patterns
Detox Mind, Body & Soul
Release Dense Vibrations
Expand Consciousness
Tune in to Antarnaad
Balance Tridoshas
As per Ayurveda Five Element Theory
Ancient Healing Method
from Lineage of Siddha Master
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Why you should Attend this
The Science of Sound Baths: How They Can Help You Relax and Unwind
Yogic Wisdom on Sound Therapy: What the Siddha Master Can Teach Us
tips to free yourself from limiting patterns for overall well-being
Workshop Begins
In Just

✔ Learn purpose & how to play Different Types of Singing Bowls

✔  Self Healing, Self Cleansing & Detox Metho

✔ Treatment Protocols for Sound Therapy for healing

✔  Treatment Protocols for illnesses, disorders, physical-emotional imbalances

✔ Body-Mind-Energy Psychology

✔ Brainwave Theory, Neuroscience & Hormonal Science

✔ Siddha Sound Healing by Vibhushri

✔ 5+ Self-healing techniques help to relieve pain or improve physical conditions.

A Singing Bowl those found in Siddha traditions is used.

✔ Fundamentals of Ayurveda : PanchaMaha Bhutas & Tridoshas

Learn the Evolutionary BrahmaNada Kriya - a Bio-Voice Tuning Technique

✔ Learn Sound Therapy for Self Awakening, Meditation & Yoga

Bonus Includes
  • Community Support
  • Get Access to Secret Tools & Techniques
  • Get Access to Private Community App
  • Become Certified Sound Therapist
  • Sound Healing & Frequency E-Book
  • Sacred Dance Skills and Strategies to improve the efficiency
    of helping individuals advance through group sound therapy are worth ₹14999/-
  • & More...

What you will get?
3 Weeks of Online Sessions on Zoom, Lifetime Community Support, Continuous guidance on the case studies, FREE Bonuses, VIP Community Access, and Certificate of Completion of the course. All will be shared with you on registration.

Bonus Gifts?
Sacred Dance Skills and Strategies to improve the efficiency of helping individuals advance through group sound therapy. 

Sound Therapy can be given to PETS?
Sound therapy is a type of treatment that uses sound waves to help improve a person’s overall health. The therapy can be used to treat a variety of conditions, including anxiety, sleep disorders, and pain. Sound therapy can also be given to pets.

Who is this course for?

Suitable for holistic health specialists, yoga instructors, musicians and singers, psychotherapists, and others in the healthcare industry, this course gives students a wealth of information, skills, and abilities to create exciting, varied, and healthy group sound healing sessions. Business Owners, Young Professionals & people interested in Organic/Vegan/yogic/self  lifestyle can participate.

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