Science reveals that functioning of Belly or Navel plays great role in Success & Happiness.
What is Navel??
We think Belly Button is Navel. But its not so. It resides in lower abdomen.We say ” what is your Gut feeling?” . So what is the Gut and where is it?
All these questions will be answered in workshop which will open up new science to you. All Kriyas related to navel will practically help you in the Navel awakening.
Lets understand this in short.
The Belly has a mind of its own, the “enteric nervous system”. Just like the larger brain in the head, researchers say, this system sends and receives impulses, records experiences and respond to emotions.
Japanese People call Navel as HARA. They sense, think and take decision by Navel. How is that possible??
We are in the metro lifestyle with heavy stress which make body numb. We do not sense our body fully . And the truth is Navel Connection is lost. So we lost all benefits which are from navel e.g. Intuition, Immunity, Decision making, Awareness, Enlightenment etc.
The Navel (hara) is believed to be where our decisions are made, and where our core feelings, our loyalties, and our deep inner emotions are stored. In other words, it is the place of one’s true self.
According to Ancient Eastern Philosophy the Navel or Hara is the seat of Life, the centre of inherent energy. It is also referred to as a state of mind in the development of one’s character.
One who activates the Navel is not likely to lose his balance, equanimity or serenity. He learns to anchor himself in the hara, and can shake off disturbances of the body and mind and alternately release himself from the ego and return to the deeper power of the “original being”, the will is silent, the heart is quiet; and one accomplishes his work naturally without effort.
Benefits from Navel Activation Depending on the body constitution, the benefits, though they vary, are many, and they may arise directly or indirectly.
Why Navel Activation???
Reduction of Anxiety, Fear & Stress Hormones.
Correction of various disorders and conditions.
Improved posture and functioning; a more upright, lighter-feeling body.
Prevention of health related issues
Relief from Regular & Chronic health issues
Replacement of old negative habits with positive patterns – Cessation of destructive, anesthetizing lifestyles.
Better balance & coordination.
Reversal of aging symptoms; increased health longevity,increased
Develops Body Wisdom & Greater sensory awareness.
More sensitivity, flexibility, Acceptance & gracefulness.
Emotional healing; shift from victim role to proactive authority Role.
Groundedness, Centeredness and increased Connection with self and others.
Expanded capacity for work & creativity; actualization of potential.
Gradual Awakening, enlivened consciousness, and embodied spiritual life.
Wholeness rather than fragmentation; living firsthand from the entire body, not just the head authentic rather than intellectual responses.
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