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  • Transform your Health, Wealth, Relationship & Success

  • High-Impactive Soundtracks 

  • Awarded by Times Group Tracks

This Ganesh Chaturthi, Gift Love & Care With Healing Frequencies!
Guided Meditation Track  
(Relationship & FearFree)
  • Overcome Anxiety, Fear, Panic Attacks, Unnecessary Stress

  • Improve Immunity and Positive Mental States

  • Develop Self Connection & Self Love

    Track Details in Wellness Vibe App

    #Relationship & Harmony Guided Meditation Soundtrack

    #Fear Free, Stability & Immunity Flow Guided Meditation

    With the Guided Voice of Vibhushri

13 Tracks on Wellness Vibe App + MP3 Player FREE with All 13 Tracks
All in One - Double Dhamaka 
(The Ultimate Pocket Sound Therapy Bundle)
  1. Morning Sun Meditation Track - Start every morning on an Energized & Positive Note 

  2. Earth Frequency Track - Bring Stability & Reduces Overthinking

  3. Relationship & Harmony Track (only soundtrack) - Self Love & Harmony in Relationships 

  4. Super Learning Track - Maximize Focus & Concentration Power

  5. Personal Growth Track - Develop Confidence & Positivity naturally

  6. Wellbeing Track - Reduce Rapid Heartbeat, Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, Body Pains, Diabetes 

  7. Prosperity & Success Track - Attract Success & Wealth naturally

  8. Business Intuition & Growth Track - Enhance Decision Making, Creativity & Performance

  9. Weight Loss Track - Balance Hormones & Release Dense Vibrations of Guilt & Low Self Esteem related to Weight Gain

  10. Sleep Music - Overcome Insomnia & Experience Relaxed Sleep

  11. Vastu Nada Shuddhi Track - Raise the Vibrations of Home by Releasing Negativity/Stuck Emotions

  12. Chakra Tuning Track - Clear out Energetic Blocks & Grow Spiritually

  13. Moon Frequency Track - Deeper Relaxation, Thoughtlessness & Calmness

Frequency Music  Track  
(Super learning + Personal Growth)
  •  Get Excellent Results in Studies & Work - For Students

  •  Boost Self Esteem
  •  Develop Confidence & Positivity Naturally

    Track Details Wellness Vibe App

    #Super Learning  Soundtrack

    #Personal Growth Soundtrack

Frequency Music Track  
(Relationship & Wellbeing)
  • Release Negative Emotions & Thoughts 

  • Blossom Positivity & Harmony in Relationships

  • Reduce Rapid Heartbeat, Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, Body Pains & Lifestyle Health issues

    Track Details in Wellness Vibe App

    #Relationship & Harmony Soundtrack


Frequency Music  Track  
(Prosperity + Business Intuition)
  • Attract Success & Wealth

  • Tune Inner Vibrations to Abundance

  • Develop better Intuition in Business

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    #Prosperity & Success  Soundtrack

    #Business Intuitions Soundtrack

Kasa Wand  ( Kansya Wati)
Easy Ayurvedic Balance of Doshas at Home
    • Improves Blood Circulation
    • Releases Toxins & Impurities

    • Removes Carbon from Body

    The Kansa Wand is a tool made with a wooden base and its tip is made of copper, tin, and zinc.

    Get FREE Morning Sun Meditation Track

When to Listen?
Minimum once a day and maximum 2-3 times a day can be listened to every day for 3 months continuously to see observable changes in the self. You can also listen to the tracks at night while sleeping. Keep the soundtrack on loop and it will continue to play the rest of the night.

How to Listen?
You can also listen to these tracks while doing other activities while cooking, working, etc. However, for best results, listen to these tracks while lying down as it gives the best results. One can also meditate on them.

What Precautions are necessary?
DO NOT listen to these tracks while doing activities such as driving or operating heavy machinery. These tracks put the individual in a trance state.

Can I Listen to Multiple Sound Tracks in 1 Day?
You can listen to 2-3 tracks daily with headphones. You can keep listening to all the tracks on loop with an Mp3 player (all tracks inclusive).

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